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Jimmy Kimmel @ Black Barbershop
söndag 8 juni 2008

This weekend i've been shopping some sh*t, Ejjt, lets start from the top:
Got this tee from H&M, don't care what it says on it you just gotta love the colors :O !
I also copped the hoodie-vest from H&M, and I got me some other t-shirts, one was plain green and this one:

Kind of Dipset-ish, Jim & Juelz-ish.
I also got a regular black "dress-vest", since I'm going to a wedding this summer...

Got myself a pair of Billabong shorts too, I can't find a pic of the colorway(White/Chocolate brown) I bought but the designs nice:
And a pair of Nike Compsure SI's. The shoemodel reminds me of the AF1 shoe, but I wanted some new shit. I've been rocking AF1's since the 6th grade.

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