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Jimmy Kimmel @ Black Barbershop
söndag 27 juli 2008

I am Back like Cooked Crack yadiig.

Feels really good to be home, from now on I am only writing in english, since my bosnian friends etc. don't understand swedish.
Aight first of all, Bosnia was the boooomb! Shouts to all my friends., I won't see yall in a while :( ...
Tomorrow I gotta go to work, funny thing is I don't even know when I'm posed' to be there and where I have to be. From now on call me the Bosnian gardener for the elderly, since I'm going to work as a gardener at a home for old people haha. Shit is going to be boring but my money has to "get chubby and put some calories on". Basically I've already spent my paycheck on alcohol, smokes, cigars, clothes, food, some more alcohol and smokes. It is what it is, lol.
So Bosnia was fuckin' sick, that's the word for it. S.I.C.K.
I was there for 3 weeks. I drank 2 glasses of water and the rest of the liquids were fuckin red vodka, beer, fanta shokata (or shokaka as Denis would say) mixed with red vodka, regular vodka and galons of galons of galons of coca-cola. That's about it. Uhm, my last night in bosnia was fuckin wack, I couldn't drink. When I tasted that red vodka bullshit I wanted to fuckin throw up, beer too. I was like fuck Beer. Now when you feel like that, you need some Weed ASAP! Even though I felt like that, I (unfortinately) didn't get any weed...
This was my daily routine in Bosnia:
Every "morning" I woke up at approximately 01.30 pm.
After that I went to Sava (Bosnias own Miami Beach).
At 05.00 or 06.00 pm we all put on our sneakers and played some ball nohomo.
At approximetaly 09.00 pm I was set to go out and get wasted.
Now that was the daily routine for me, Dzemo, Riad, Nazif, Semir, Ado, Elvir, Dino etc.
Now I have no idea what the girls were doing during the day but I think they were hanging out at the local store. Sometimes at Sava.
However to sum it all up:
It was S.I.C.K. And Right now I AM BORED 2 DEATH!
I wish I could've stayed at least another week but, I'm a (soon 2 be) working man.

4 kommentarer:

eminaa. sa...

another year of longing and waiting! ;/

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