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onsdag 5 november 2008

Barack Obama is the President of the United States!

You probably already know that Barack Obama is the United States new president! He won the election agaisnt the republican John Mccain.
I can easily say that I am very happy about Barack becoming the president. If Mccain was elected and he died like 2 years after the election ms. Sexyness a.k.a: Sarah Palin would become the President. And that would not be good. She's a milf and all, but she's not President material.
GO OBAMA! You have a lot of problems infront of you, I hope you can fix them with the help of your fellow Americans...
Oh and a reminder: the economy, finance etc. is a piece of shit, so that is the first problem WE ALL need to deal with. I really want a job when I finish school :)

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