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onsdag 19 november 2008

Kanye West - 808's & Heartbreak | Review

Well well well Ye. I'm not going to hate on this album, I mean. I can listen to the songs etc. But the whole "popart" thing is not really working. Kanye the Rapper is, hands down, better than the Britney Spears version of Kanye.
The best song on the album is Heartless since I can relate to it, I'm not going into any details.
I can't really pick out the worst song on the album since the rest of them are on the same level.
Beatwise or popartwise the album is good. The background music, the effects etc. are great.
I'll rate the album 3/5, I can easily say: Kanye you let me down on this one.
My last words:
Autotune has killed the beauty of the real natural voice. People that are using autotune have no singning talent what so ever. The poorest excuse is:
I'm using autotune for the robotic effect.. When I hear a person say that, the sentence that registrates in my brain is:
I can't sing, so I'm using autotune since it helps out.

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Anonym sa...

I really like your blog!
Hittade hit från apekid's... det var jag som kommenterade där och frågade hur du hittade dit haha, take care. Keep it cool!