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tisdag 2 december 2008

The preliminary Sup? logo made by the freshkid: Juanjo

Here's the preliminary logo for Sup?.. It's made by my boy Juanjo, a grafitti artist from Spain. It's not the official logo, but the final thing will be finished soon. If you want something very bad and you want it to be official you need people working with you all over the world! If you want to see more of his creations check out:">
I'm hoping that we are going to be able to pull this thing off, I just need to find a cheap way to produce the shirts and market them somehow. Any tips, email me or whatever: (I need to change my hotmail name, I know)

I actually "met" this guy while we were playing Skate online on the xbox360. He started rapping the crank dat soulja boy shit and I was laughing my guts out. He's a hella funny dude.

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