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Jimmy Kimmel @ Black Barbershop
måndag 5 januari 2009


I've been smoking for approximately 5 years now. And I made a decision a couple of days ago that today, monday, I will quit this shit and spend it on clothes or whatever. I mean come on, think about it. I buy approximately 5 packs/week, that's 200 swedish crowns which is $22. TWENTYTWO FUCKING DOLLARS EVERY WEEK! Now for me that's a LOT of money for some bullshit you spark up, inhale, exhale and GET FUCKED UP! I didn't even think about it in another perspective. How big of a FOOL am I to smoke. To spend all that money to do some shit that is really bad for my health and my pocket. Not only that, I've noticed over the past few months that the shit fucks up my concentration in school etc.
Well, good luck to me people today is the first day I haven't smoked a cigarette...

2 kommentarer:

Anonym sa...

haha, that's cuz u a poor mothafucka:P hahah if u was a millionare u'd be smoking 50 packs a week:D haha

Larre sa...

Hahahaha! Well I got to have money for other shit. I don't have job wtf am I pose to do. Plus I feel great now that I don't smoke.
But IF I was a millionaire i'd be smoking cuban cigars! Fuck cigarettes :D