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lördag 21 februari 2009

Kanye West on the Wakeup Show

Kanye West interview on the Wakeup Show with Sway and Dj King Tech..
CHECK OUT YE'S FREESTYLE ON IT! IT IS SIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIICK! FUCK ALL THE HATERS! I love it when he just stops and starts to freestyle like that :O sick sick sick! Check it out!
(Still very sorry about the design right now, it's under construction)

3 kommentarer:

Good Girl sa...

I love Kanye's freestyle in this one: soooo impressive and fly. He just keeps proving that he is the real deal, there's really noone to compare him with.

Your design is great man!

Larre sa...


Thanks :)

Larre sa...

LOL, insåg inte att du också var från Sverige haha lmao!